About Me

In the world of church tech staying up to date on what works and what’s hot is key. So many elements are advancing every day. From planning and coordinating to lighting, video, and sound who has time to keep up with it all?
I DO! That’s my job and my passion.
As a former tech director for one of the largest churches in the area, I have in-depth, hands-on experience with all aspects of church tech from planning to building to locking the doors on Sunday night. Put my experience to work for you and rest at ease. Copywriting thru the hands of experience is your marketing solution.

Crazy? Probably.

The beginning of insanity. This is a brief history of what Writeswitch is and how it got here.

Let me start by telling you who I am. I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ. A single father raising a teenage son and an almost teenage daughter. A pipe fitter by trade. I’m a blessed man.

At 40 years old and after 17 years in the Fire Protection industry I’m hitting the breaks and changing direction. This, like so many other major changes in life, took root in the middle of what seemed like total devastation.

Have you ever seen a forest immediately after a fire and then 10 years later?

Life comes from the ashes.

What I’ve learned is to separate emotion and rational thinking from hard events, put fear in check and trust God to take the worst situations and bring about wonderful change and new life.

Most of my work takes place 50 miles away from home. I suffered job loss due to auto engine problems and no emergency fund in place. This was a scary place to be, however, in this, my eyes were opened up to a job that can be done from home and on my schedule. A job that, with some financial restructuring, can easily support us. I find myself having breakfast with the kids every morning and being able to spend meaningful time with them every evening. At the same time, I’m able to give a large part of myself to serving in different ministries within the church, which is an answered prayer in itself.

This is life today and I love it. I think I made the writeswitch and I’m not about to switch back.

5 Resources for making ends meet when times are tough.


Do you live paycheck to paycheck? If you suffered an unexpected emergency that cost $400 where would the money come from? What about a $1000 dollar emergency. So many of us don’t have the backup funds that we know we should have. Time marches on regardless of our preparedness. Below are 5 gold nuggets to add to your emergency fund that, when used, can really soften the impact of life’s unexpected setbacks.

  1. Rescue missions; Most major cities have a “Rescue Mission”. They are non-profit entities that offer a wide range of services for those in need. Often they can provide food and warm clothes at the very least.
  2. DSS; Your local Department of Social Services is there for you! Look them up in the phone book.
  3. Local Church; Any Bible believing church has a mission of reaching out, in love and being a light when much of your view seems dark. Don’t be afraid, just open the door and walk in. Jesus has already made the appointment for you.
  4. Religious Coalition; A religious coalition functions much like a rescue mission but usually offers different services. They can usually help you find a way to get your bills paid. If they can’t they can probably point you to a place that can.
  5. Pray and Believe! Matt. 11: 28-30