Go-To List of Church Tech Tips and Troubleshooting Guides

When I made the leap from a twice a month Tech Team member to Assistant Tech Director it didn’t take long to find out how little I actually knew about the complexity of producing a worship service.

From PCO schedules on Wednesday to calling camera shots on Sunday I struggled to get my head around it all.

With my constant questions, I’m quite sure my first couple of months on staff actually made the Tech Directors job harder.

Even a year into it, and working with much more knowledge and confidence, sometimes a unique problem would hit at just the wrong time.

We’re always under a deadline and service IS going to start on time whether we’re ready or not.

The second part of the job is teaching and supporting our volunteer tech team.

Thank God for these hearts that unselfishly serve week after week.

Most of these guys and gals aren’t professional tech nerds but they really want to understand and do a good job in whatever task they’ve been given.

It’s up to us to teach them, support them and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to list of online resources that you could quickly and easily access that dealt with the nuts and bolts of church tech?

That’s the heart this resource list.

I tried to find the most user-friendly sites with most valuable information.

My hope is that this list could serve as a quick reference that you can bookmark and come back to again and again.

Share it with your Tech Team.

Use it as a way for them to quickly and easily solve common problems and a channel to gain some insights, tips and tricks.

The Church Tech Resource List

  1. Propresenter –  Pro 6 User Manual PDF  | Tips and tricks – 9 Little Known Features
  2. Backgrounds – Church Motion Graphics
  3. Lighting – Basic lighting principles |  DMX Troubleshooting PDF   |  Jands Vista Support PageJands Vista Quick Tips
  4. Tips for Camera Operators PDF    
  5. Live Streaming – Youtube Tips and Tricks, Troubleshooting | Facebook Live Tips and Tricks, Troubleshooting
  6. Microphones – Shure Audio System Guide for Houses of Worship PDF
  7. Mixing help – Troubleshooting,  Mixing Blueprint PDF
  8. CHMS – PCO Support  | Basecamp Troubleshooting


If you know of more websites or blogs that can be helpful please add them in the comments section.

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