3 apps to free you from the tech-booth

Do you think you could effectively run next Sunday’s service with an empty tech booth?  

When I first joined the tech crew at church I was tasked with putting song lyrics and graphics on the IMAG screen. On the weekends that I served, since I was tethered to the tech booth, my kids were left sitting alone. They could only see me from a distance. I always thought it would be awesome to be able to sit with them while shooting off the slides. At the time, the technology for this flexibility didn’t exist.

That was years ago. Before we had apps that could do anything and everything. Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds. It only makes sense that the tech booth should be breaking barriers too.

I know what your thinking. “An app couldn’t possibly give me the control I need during a live event.”

Or could it?

Check out some of the remote apps being produced today.

Three major elements are represented here.

Lights – MIDI remote control for Jands Vista developed by rythechurchtechguy

Sound Mixing – TouchOSC by Hexler.net

Graphics – ProPresenter Remote (aka ProRemote) by RenewedVision

Let’s dig in.


Jands Vista made their first dimmer in 1970 and is now a leader in stage lighting. Their control panels and software gives you ultimate control over lighting for any type of show or event.

After creating pre-set cues you’re able to go backward or forwards to any point in the event with the press of a single button

You can even build new cues during the event without affecting the current lighting.

Their remote app is somewhat limited. You need to be at your control panel in order to build your presentation but once your show starts on can transition from one cue to the next, forward or reverse, from your phone or tablet. 


ProPresenter is doing amazing things with graphics and visual media.

ProPresenter also connects to your Planning Center account which makes building that much easier.

Their remote app, ProRemote is Awesome! 

They make the transition from your desktop to your tablet easy and without loosing functionality.


  Sound mixing is another beast altogether.

You really have to trust an app to walk away from your mixing console during worship, but it can be done.

The TouchOSC app gives you way more than basic hi, mid, lo and mute. 

Use TouchOSC with any software or hardware that implements OSC or MIDI protocols. Touch OSC can be used to control almost anything that your main console can do.

In the Future

Whether you’re ready to implement these or not, these apps are worth checking out. These developers have come a long way and they’re constantly improving and updating.

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