Paving the Way

NewTek has been all the buzz since the release of NDI in 2016. NDI is a revolutionary royalty free technology that allows sharing of video and audio signals bi-directionally over a standard Ethernet network in real time. It’s changing the way we produce and broadcast events, saving significant time and money.

In this article published on NewTek’s blog, I interviewed John Cookman, Director of Media at SAGU (Southwestern Assembly of God University) and highlighted a few of the many ways they’re using NDI.

John is using NewTek products like TriCaster in all of their on-campus productions at SAGU. There are many. He uses 5 TriCasters throughout their 70-acre campus and Cultural Arts Center and produces an average of 2000 events per year.

Check out the full article here.

About Me

In the world of church tech staying up to date on what works and what’s hot is key. So many elements are advancing every day. From planning and coordinating to lighting, video, and sound who has time to keep up with it all?
I DO! That’s my job and my passion.
As a former tech director for one of the largest churches in the area, I have in-depth, hands-on experience with all aspects of church tech from planning to building to locking the doors on Sunday night. Put my experience to work for you and rest at ease. Copywriting thru the hands of experience is your marketing solution.