10 Ways for small businesses to connect with local community

Small businesses rely mostly on locals to support them. Locals become regular, repeat customers when you can fill their need and create an enjoyable shopping experience. One challenge that’s faced is getting new customers through the front door. The easier and more convenient you make it for them the more likely they are to step in for a closer look. Once they’re inside what’s their first impression of your store? Below are 10 creative ideas for welcoming the community into your business.


  1. Dog leash hitching post
  2. Make a seating area for waiting kids and spouses
  3. Have a community board near front door
  4. Free wifi
  5. Give away coupons to other small businesses (cross promote)
  6. Host free giveaways raffles that are tracked through social media.
  7. Host workshop or in-person event.
  8. Create a giveaway guide for newbies in your industry
  9. Host a challenge for a prize. Display winner photos in store
  10. Keep a cooler of free water near register