Top 5 Blogs for Tech Directors

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.” - Toby Mac - If you're like me you struggle with the idea of unplugging yourself. I usually have a ton of projects I'm working on besides the normal weekend services and mid-week youth group. Is it possible to unplug, take a break... Continue Reading →

Paving the Way

NewTek has been all the buzz since the release of NDI in 2016. NDI is a revolutionary royalty free technology that allows sharing of video and audio signals bi-directionally over a standard Ethernet network in real time. It’s changing the way we produce and broadcast events, saving significant time and money. In this article published... Continue Reading →

3 apps to free you from the tech-booth

Do you think you could effectively run next Sunday's service with an empty tech booth?   When I first joined the tech crew at church I was tasked with putting song lyrics and graphics on the IMAG screen. On the weekends that I served, since I was tethered to the tech booth, my kids were left sitting alone. They... Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, and a Lot of Action

What really goes into a modern Sunday service? You pull into the parking lot to find someone smiling and waving, pointing you to an open parking spot. You walk up to the door and hear a friendly “good morning” as someone holds the door for you. Once inside you're greeted with the smell of coffee... Continue Reading →

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